Top 10 Biggest Small Businesses Social Media Mistakes

Do you run a small business? Are you interested in improving your social media marketing? Then, you’re in luck! In this article we discuss the 10 biggest mistakes small business make in social media. Be sure to avoid these mistakes as your small business organizes your social media strategy.

Small Business Biggest Social Media Mistakes

1. Not Using Social Media- This mistake seems rather obvious, but you’d be surprised how many small businesses aren’t on social media. Whether your small business is B2B or B2C, it’s very important that potential customers can research and find your brand on social media. If they’re not finding you, they’re finding your competition.

2. Not Sharing a Variety of Content- Social media pages that don’t include photos, videos, and contests are boring and won’t attract attention. Instead, use a diverse variety of content to show your customers what your brand is all about.

 3. Not Sharing Other People’s Content- This is a huge no-no. If you are only sharing your content and never take the time to share content from other users- you will lose followers, and quickly. No body likes the guy who ONLY talks about himself. Don’t be that guy.

4. Not Including Your Website URL in Your Profile- Use your social media page as a stepping stone to your website by including your website URL in your about me section.

5. Not Using Social Media to Build Relationships- Social media is a great place to build relationships with the people that are most important to your brand- your customers. Use your social media pages to connect with your customers on a personal level. Ask questions, join their discussions, and get involved.

6. Not Responding to Comments in a Timely Manner– In order to build relationships and be seen as a trusted brand, you must respond to your customers’ questions, concerns, or comments within 24 hours. I know this seems difficult- especially for small businesses- but its one of the most important things you can do to be see as a trusted and reliable brand.

7. Not Responding to Negative Comments- By ignoring negative comments or deleting them, customers will think that you don’t care about their concerns and will turn to your competition. The best way to deal with a negative comment is by responding to the customer and asking them to email or call your company to resolve this issue.

8. Not Staying Active– Social media will not work for you if you randomly post once a month or every few months. If you want social media to work for your brand, you need to stay active. Create a schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s once a week, or twice a day- be consistent.

9. Not Taking Risks- Another big mistake that brands make when it comes to social media is not taking risks. Try running a contest or promotion; try promoting your posts, try using Facebook ads, or posting a poll. Try anything you want! Yes, some of your risks will fail miserably, but it’ll help you learn what works for your brand and want doesn’t.

10. Trying To Do Too Much– Finally, the last big mistake that many small business make, is trying to run too many accounts. Start with one account and then add more as time allows. If you’re not sure which accounts to run- think like your customer. Are they on Instagram, what about Tumblr? Only create accounts where you customers are.

By avoiding these social media mistakes, any small business can flourish on social media. And, when all else fails, look to the big brands and corporations for advice, guidance, and inspiration. Take a look at their pages and see what works and what doesn’t. Then, try it on your own and let us know how it went!

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