7 Ways Paid Search Advertising Can Make You More Money

Paid Search Advertising

When you conduct a web search on Google the top results that appear highlighted in yellow are actually paid links. Although they are advertisements they are 100% relative to search results, meaning they are advertisements people want to click. If you need to promote your site, business, or product there’s no better deal than paid search advertising, and even though it’s easy on the wallet compared to other means of marketing, it will still make you more money quicker. Plus you really have nothing to lose, if no one clicks your product links you won’t have to pay a dime anyways—after all, it’s pay per click! Here are 7 reasons it truly pays to use paid search advertisements.

1. Exposure is Everything

If a site has a page ranking of 5 or better, it’s value can literally shot through the roof, costing upwards of thousands of dollars. This is because if a site is not one of the first to show up on search engine results, few people are going to find it and it won’t generate much revenue. Trust us, you don’t want to become lost out in the World Wide Web—which is much more vast than planet earth. To help every business get ahead popular search platforms like Yahoo, Bing, and Google offer paid search advertising to offset your internal page ranking. When someone searches for your product or service you will be one of the first results to show up, guaranteeing your website the exposure it needs.

2. High-Tech Marketing, Low-Tech Cost

Who wouldn’t want to partner up with a profitable business like Google? When you sign up for their paid advertisement program you are doing just that. When people click your ads, whichever site you purchase your ads through will make money—as you only pay for ads per click. This means they want your ads to get clicked, and are actively using trial and error to uncover the best ad placement with the highest conversion rates for you. So even while you sit back and relax, the best experts out there are working hard to get more people clicking on links directed to your webpage.

3. Track Every Last Click

With paid advertising you are granted real time access to how your site is doing, with easy to understand charts and tables every click is recorded in detail. Knowing conversion rates and other constantly updated stats for your site can help decide your next move—when have you ever been able to get such a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t in advertisements within 30 days? Advertise somewhere else, like a printed-paper or magazine and you will have no real way of knowing if it’s paying off or not any time soon, plus you’re going to spend more money. You could send out one of those ‘how did you hear about us?’ surveys—but this is 2014, you no longer have to work that hard. Technology now gives us the power to track every last dollar, where it came from, and who clicked what link; it’s truly incredible how much information can be at your fingertips with a paid advertising account.

4. Consistent & Quick

It might surprise some to learn that after setting up a PPC campaign, ads can be up and running within the hour. This means that instantly people are going to be coming to your site. You no longer have to wait endlessly for SEO to get ranked on Google, or for your social media attempts to catch on, these ads grant you instant exposure. Once the ads are up and running, you control how many clicks per day by deciding on a dollar amount you wish to spend.

5. Advertise Where You Never Thought Possible

While a personalized color advertisement in a popular magazine will far surpass most small business budgets, Google makes it possible for you to advertise on many top-ranked large websites. The New York Times website, for instance, always has ads on the sidelines, these targeted ads are sponsored through pay per click advertisers, meaning your product can appear here where millions of people will see it. This really improves your reach, in fact there is no other form of affordable advertising like this, it’s simply genius. Not only is your reach widened on these popular platforms, but ads are also targeted specifically to people interested in your product.

6. You Call the Shots

It might seem easy to lose control with all of this technology, but in reality it’s never been easier to take control using the convenient tools PPC advertising offers. For example, you decide when and where your ads will appear. This is an awesome tool for local businesses that don’t have to waste clicks on someone in Wyoming if their shop is in Florida. Instead, geo-targeting makes it so your ads only show up in specified locations and ad scheduling allows you to also specify the time of day ads appear. This can save you money and also offer you a way of experimenting to find the most cost efficient ad placement.

7. Create a Favorable Brand Identity

The goal of any business is to create a memorable identity that people recognize and can relate to, pay-per-click advertisements help any business do just that. To create a PPC ad you will be prompted for a title and a slogan for your business, you can change this whenever you’d like based upon the success of a campaign. As you change up words and slogans you will quickly learn what works and what does not work. This gives you the power to create a brand people are naturally drawn to, simply by using an affordable version of trial and error.


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