Valuable Facebook User Statistics: Where Do The Majority of Facebook Users Come From?

Facebook is the number one social media site used all over the world, boasting a number 2 Alexa rating both globally and in the US. Facebook is second only to Google, and is the dominant social network with over 400 million global users.

77.3% (more than half) of the United States is on Facebook. The popularity of Facebook stretches far beyond the US, people all over the world are logging into their Facebook account on a daily basis.

Have you set up a Facebook account for your business yet? Social networking doesn’t just improve your social life, Facebook is incredibly important on a business level as well. With an active, interesting and engaging Facebook page you have access to a huge portion of the market, including your specific target audience.

The Countries With The Most Facebook Users

So which countries are using Facebook the most? Here are the top 10 countries with the most Facebook users:

1. America

The number one country using Facebook is the United States with approximately 165 million user accounts.

2. Brazil

Brazil is in second place with approximately 65.6 million Facebook accounts.

3. India

With a booming population totaling over one billion people, it’s little surprise that India is home to a lot of Facebook users. In fact, nearly 61.7 million Facebook users come directly from India.

4. Indonesia

Known as the largest Muslim country, Indonesia houses the fourth largest population of Facebook users. There are 48.8 million Facebook users in Indonesia, and this number is rapidly growing.

5. Mexico

35.8% of Mexico’s population uses Facebook.

6. United Kingdom

Half of the UK’s 63.23 million people are on Facebook.

7. Turkey

Turkey has an estimated population of 74 million people, of which around 44% use Facebook.

8. Philippines

As of 2012, this Asian country housed approximately 96.71 million people. Estimates report that one out of every three people in the Philippines uses Facebook, totaling over 30.2 million active users.

9. France

65.7 million people live in France and 39% of France’s population is on Facebook.

10. Germany

In 2012, there were 81.89 million people living in Germany, 25.2% of which have a Facebook account.


The US States With The Most Facebook Users

Facebook originated in the United States, and so it’s no surprise that it has the largest number of Facebook members worldwide.

As far as Internet is concerned, California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois rank as the top Internet users. California is at the top of the list with 29.8 million Internet users, followed by Texas (17.2 million), New York (16.1 million), Florida (14.8 million), and Illinois (10.2 million).

Population size impacts how many Internet and/or Facebook users live in each state, which is why the largest states have the most active Facebook accounts. The US states with the largest population sizes include California (12% of the total US population), Texas (8.1% of the total US population) New York (6.4% of the US total population) and Florida (6% of the total US population). These are also the states with the largest amount of Internet and Facebook users.

California has the largest number of Facebook users; as of 2012 nearly 17 million people living in California had a Facebook account.  That’s more than the number of Internet users calculated two years earlier in 2010, meaning these numbers are continually on the rise.

  • Texas has at least 10 million Facebook users out of its 17 million Internet users.
  • Over 8 million Facebook users call the state of New York home.
  • Florida comes in close with just under 8 million Facebook users.

The US States With The Least Facebook Users

The majority of all US States have at least one million Facebook users. The states with the lowest number of Facebook accounts include:

  • Delaware– 216,140 Facebook users accounting for 24.2% of the State’s total population
  • Idaho– 518,060 Facebook users accounting for 33.2% of the State’s total population
  • South Dakota– 326,560 Facebook users, accounting for 39.8% of the State’s total population
  • Vermont– 248,000 Facebook users, accounting for 39.5% of the State’s total population

Even if you operate shop in a state with a low percentage of Facebook users, you still have an advantage by employing the social media site. Say for instance, if you live in New Mexico, which happens to have one of the lowest Facebook penetration rates compared to all other US states, you have access to at least 25% more people within your state.

Excluding population size, the states with the largest number of Facebook users per residents include:

  • New Hampshire (90.1%)
  • New Jersey (87.8%)
  • Utah (87.6%)
  • Connecticut (86.5%)
  • Massachusetts (86.2%)

More Fascinating Facebook Statistics

74% of adults who go online use social media networking sites. This number breaks down further to 76% of women, and 72% of men.

  • 89% of people between 18 and 29 use social media.
  • 82% of people between 30 and 49 use social media.
  • 65% of people between 50 and 64 use social media.
  • 49% of people 65+ use social media.

Education doesn’t make much of a difference in regards to Facebook usage.

  • 72% of people who have a high school education or less use social media.
  • 78% of people with some college use social media.
  • 73% of people with one or more college degrees use social media.

Income is another factor that hardly changes the likelihood someone uses social media.

  • 79% of people making less than $30,000 a year use social media.
  • 78% of people making $75,000+ a year use social media.

Facebook remains the most popular social media site of all.

  • 71% of adults use Facebook
  • 23% of adults use Twitter
  • 26% of adults use Instagram
  • 28% of adults use Pinterest
  • 28% of adults use LinkedIn
  • 48% of smartphone users access social media on their phone, and 28% access social media from their phone on a daily basis.


Making The Most Of The Numbers

With so many people using Facebook it’s clear to see the marketing potential the social media site offers. Especially considering how much time the average Facebook user spends online, which is between 17 to 55 minutes per day. Throughout this time the average Facebook user accesses just over 11 pages.

Pre-Internet days, one of the top ways businesses used to capture attention of large groups was running a television commercial. If you want to advertise with a 30 second commercial during American Idol, a popular show with approximately 20 million viewers, you can expect to fork out around $500,000. Setting up and maintaining a Facebook account is far cheaper, plus it offers you access to 100 million nightly users, every single day.








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