How To Create An App For Your Business

If you want to build an app for your business you are already on the right track, but how do you transform your ideas into a reality? There is more than just one way you can build an app for your business, and different methods of execution range in price and difficulty. You can hire a full service agency to build and track the success of your mobile app. Or, if your needs are just right an in-house developer might be the best investment for you. There are also DIY options to build more simple apps. The requirements, budget and available resources for building an app will influence the best way to go about completing the project.  After all, the most important aspect of any app is not who builds it but how it is made, and how it functions.

The Importance Of Quality App Development

Building an app just to say you have an app will get you nowhere. Cell phones and tablets only offer so much storage space, and people are choosey about the apps that they download. If you want people to download and keep your app it better earn its stay. This is why app design and development is crucial.

You risk losing your audience from the get-go if your app is not catchy enough or user friendly. This is why the actual layout and functionality of your app is so important, and why businesses (and individuals) spend thousands of dollars for quality app development. Google’s team of designers have been hard at work creating what is known as ‘material design,’ or rather a set of principles that outline good web and app development. The size, dimension, motion, color and layout of an app all impact user experience, and ultimately if an app is a success or not. Before deciding who will build your app it’s important to make sure the final verdict is capable of producing this level of quality, otherwise you are wasting time and money.

Hire A Full Service Shop Or Agency

If you are the type that likes to go big or go home, hiring a proven full-service agency to build your app will provide the smoothest results. Plus, since a team of professionals is taking care of every last detail you don’t have to worry or spend so much time trying to manage the entire project yourself.

If you are planning to make mobile and/or social applications a big part of your marketing strategy it is wise to hire an agency that caters to your specific needs. A marketing boutique will create an app that fits every specification you require while keeping an eye on marketing and user experience. This same firm will then track the progress and success of you app to ensure it generates a healthy return on investment. Prices for full-service app development varies and depends on the extent of your needs, as well as if you plan to incorporate tracking and marketing into your overall app campaign.

Don’t just trust the first shop you find out about. You want to be picky about your web development team. Look over their portfolio, get recommendations from others and do a fair share of research before settling down.

Hire Your Own In-House Developer

Mobile marketing is central to the success of almost every company, but if it is a main component of your business you may want to consider hiring an in-house developer. Hiring an in-house developer for full or part-time work makes sense if you require ongoing support, or want to make a bigger commitment to web development. Before you put out an ad and waste anyone’s time, make sure you have enough work for a web-developer to do after your app is completed. Also, it’s important to consider how much you can afford to pay an in-house developer. Web developers know codding, a very valuable language few can type and read fluently. In other words, hiring an in-house developer is not going to be cheap.

Once you are sure hiring a full or part-time employee is the right move to make, you must decide other key things; such as what computer code will they need to know? Most web developers only know certain code and not others; this impacts the type of site they are able to build. It can be tricky to hire a qualified person for the job if you are not that familiar with coding yourself, so make sure to check sources and do your research before embarking on the task. Also, web developers are not typically marketers, meaning you may get a great looking app but it might not serve as the best marketing tool.

Hire A Freelancer

If you know a web developer through friends and family you’ve got it made. On the other hand, if you don’t know anyone skilled at building apps you will need to search the web for viable freelancers. Sites like Upwork and Elance offer access to freelancers with reviews and full profiles. Just because someone applies for your job posting doesn’t mean they are qualified for the job. Before ever hiring a freelancer over the web you should do your research, conduct interviews and look over previous work examples.

If you have the time to sift through hundreds of applications, interview a number of candidates and then manage the project to completion, hiring a freelancer might be an excellent way to build an app for your business.

You will likely need multiple freelancers for the job.  App development incorporates three key skills: design, actual execution and creation of the design, and content. If you have dancing graphics in your mind and other fancy details you want your app to include you will need to hire even more freelancers. With different people all working separately on the same project there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. Projects can easily go over budget and drag on and on as you find out more and more things you need to actually complete the app.

Do It Yourself Alternatives

If you are on a really tight budget or just want to create your own app without hiring a team of people for the task, there are assortments of DIY tools available. These platforms will provide you with a basic interface that comes as-is and cannot be changed. This makes it easier for someone who isn’t a web developer or familiar with codding to still put together a decent app. But, it limits your ability to personalize the app with cool features or design techniques.

One of the more popular tools is the Google App Inventor. This app can be used without a web developer to create Android applications for smartphones. AppMakr and SwebApps offer similar platforms available for Apple devices. Other DIY app building tools include BuildAnApp, Socialight and Shout’Em.

Trying to build your own app may end in frustration if you have specific wants and needs in regards to your app. What-you-see-is-what-you-get with these DIY platforms, you must know how to read and write in computer code to change the basic outline of a template. Unless you know PHP or some other form of code, you will have to hire a professional web developer for the job if you decide you need any custom work.

Before starting your app creation it’s wise to discuss plans with a developer or the company offering the DIY app tools. Otherwise you may unknowingly embark on an impossible mission that ends up wasting a lot of time. We have helped many businesses that have wasted a lot of time trying to create their own app, only to find out the app will never look how it needs to without the ability to write code.


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