PPC Management

What is PPC Management?

PPC Management, or Pay-Per-Click management, is a scalable and highly targeted form of advertising, allowing your business to generate quality leads.  Your company bids on keyword phrases relevant to your industry. Once a user performs a search, your ad will appear in the search engine’s results page. If the user clicks on your ad, the search engine charges you a small fee.  Paying for each click may sound costly, but because ads are highly targeted, Paid Search is one of the least expensive forms of advertising.


What are the benefits of Paid Search Advertising?

Huge ROI

According to Google, the average return on investment for Paid Search is between 200% and 400%. However, this estimate is based on all campaigns, even ones that are not managed professionally. When managed professionally, campaigns can generate well over 1,000% return.

Highly Trackable

We track phone calls and web leads that are generated directly from your Paid Search campaign.

Flexible Budget

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, you’re not locked into a set budget with Paid Search. At any time we can raise, lower, or pause your ad spend. This allows your business to increase advertising for upcoming promotions or lower your budget for seasonal industries.

Only Show When it Counts

Paid Search only show ads to potential consumers the exact moment they search for your product or service, while most other advertising methods tend to target a broader audience — consumers who are not actively seeking your services.

Precision Targeting

Unlike most forms of advertising, Paid Search is highly targeted. Need to target the west side of town, but not the east side? No problem — we’re able to target any area by location or radius. Only open till 5? With Paid Search we can set your ads to only when your store is open. We will make sure the only people seeing your ads are your target customers.

Immediate Leads

There’s a good chance people are already searching for a company like yours online. Why not get in front of them? Unlike, SEO – you won’t have to wait to get noticed online. We can get you started within a matter of days!

Continual Improvement

We will gather data from your campaign and use this information to make positive changes in an effort to continuously decrease your cost per lead.

Competitive Edge

Paid Search is an easy way to compete with other businesses in your industry, regardless of the size of your company. While conventional advertising techniques tend to favor larger budgets, Paid Search, however, allows you to even the playing field and easily gain market share.

Our PPC Management Process

Phase I: Initial Analysis

Before starting any campaign, our team will meet with you to learn more about your business and your customers. We’ll discuss goals and suggested budget based on our findings. You’ll receive:

  • A complete PPC history analysis (If applicable)
  • Keyword research report
  • A competitive analysis
  • Paid search strategy
  • Your suggested recommended budget
  • Estimate cost-per-lead

Phase II: Set-Up

We begin building your campaign using the recommended industry methods including:

  • Create a new Paid Search account via Adwords and Bing Ads.
  • Landing page setup and development.
  • Perform secondary and more highly-targeted keyword research.
  • Develop specific ad campaigns based on your targets and our keyword research.
  • Build more focused ad groups to differentiate your keywords into highly-targeted groups.
  • Create compelling ad copy.
  • Ensure proper keyword matching types.
  • Geographical targeting, day-parting, and proper budget setup.
  • Generate and add negative keyword list into the campaign.
  • Phone tracking and web analytics tracking setup.

We will have you approve all ad copy and suggested target keywords before bringing your campaign live.

Phase III: Set it Live & Improve

Upon approval, we will set your campaign live and begin collecting data. Once active, PPC management is a constant game of continued strategy development, testing and tweaking, analyzing the results, making new changes and testing.  We will continually monitor your campaign and make adjustments including:

  • Ongoing PPC strategy development
  • AdCopy reviews and A-B testing
  • Phone, location, and sitelink extension tweaks
  • Goal and budget checks
  • Bid and position monitoring
  • Ongoing keyword analysis
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • Continued conversion tracking
  • Detailed ongoing reporting

From there, our goal is to improve your campaign performance through:

  • Higher Click-Through Rates
  • Lower Click Costs
  • Improved Quality Scores
  • Higher Number of Leads
  • Lower Cost Per Lead

Contact us today to setup your free consultation and to learn more about this program.

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